• Biden’s nominee for Interior Secretary — During a Senate commite hearing earlier today Congresswoman Deb Haaland inched closer to potential confirmation. Haaland, the first Native American nominated to a cabinet post, effectviely deflected aggressive, obnoxious, laughably hypocritical questioning from Wyoming Senator John Barasso and Montana Senator Steve Daines. Barasso and Daines are not GOP outliers. Republican votes for confirmation are unlikely to materialize. Nonetheless, the occasionally moderate, often borderline-Democratic Senator Joe Manchin announced today that he will vote to confirm Haaland. If Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema pledges her support, it’s a done deal.
  • PostMaster General — During a House Oversight…

How and why I tamed my cable news addiction while living in one of the epicenters of the Covid19 outbreak.

©Ritu-Chib Eiven

I’m a recovering cable and internet news addict. I’m using this global emergency as an opportunity to change my life. A freelance, political news writer, I used to live in the twenty-four hour news cycle. I also used to beg and plead with incredibly talented news editors, hoping against hope that they might purchase my unpublished articles. In my last post I discussed tuning out of the news while tuning into the news

Freelance news writing is a perfectly respectable exercise and I haven’t completely absolved myself of the vocation. On the other hand, consuming news, all day, just to…

The current national emergency provides us a rare opportunity to balance our news addictions against a life saving “need to know”.

© Can Stock Photo / badboo01

I have stopped watching/listening to President Trump’s press conferences. As a responsible citizen and an on again, off again political writer, I prefer to be effectively and adequately informed. A willfully inept, un-informable President, incapable of short form, coherent truth telling, is an unreliable source of information.

What am I doing instead? I live in New New Jersey and I listen to my Governor’s daily press conferences. A resident of the northern portion of the state, I also listen…

If the writing grind is a nightmare while we’re actually doing it, then the end result is never worth it…at least for me.

© Can Stock Photo / davisales

I’m writing this article while happy. Happiness is the only ingredient required when you’re about to bake any type of ‘manuscripted’ cake. If you’re not happy first, you can’t win, you can’t succeed.

I’ve written dozens and dozens of articles and essays over the past few years. I’ve written a few screenplays, a handful of short webisodes and even a theatrical musical. Each and every composition was written in a state of disgust, desperation, frustration or general unhappiness. This is, literally, the first time that I’m writing anything from a sincerely happy persective.

It’s not easy. I have to work…

For the past 96 hours my wife and I have only been eating plant based, whole foods. It’s not horrible.

© Can Stock Photo / focalpoint

My wife has been jonesing to start a plant based diet for several weeks. I generally eat pretty healthy but I’ve always been reluctant to stray too close to full-on vegan territory. Still, after a three month pre-and-post-holiday, fat and sugar binge, my knuckles were aching, my muscles were sore and I was involuntarily devoid of useful energy. I was jonesing for a pharmaceutical-free solution.

Before giving into my better half’s well intended, gastronomical fad of the quarter I contemplated an exhaustive listing of my most unwarranted concerns. A freewheeling conjurer of predilections toward absurdist hypochondria, I worried about some…

When the stakes are this high, there are better jobs out there suited for those who are this disinterested and dissatisfied.

AP Photo / Elaine Thompson

NPR published a story yesterday, “Boeing Employees Mocked FAA In Internal Messages Before 737 Max Disasters.” I’m really troubled by the article, so much so that I dusted off my old podcasting account and uploaded a few agitated soundbites.

According to NPR, internal documents released by Boeing show some employees complaining about dangerous problems with the beleaguered jet while others bragged about cutting corners and pulling the wool over the eyes of federal regulators.

One employee who worked on…

An unstable president desperately trying to hold onto his defenders provokes an international maelstrom that he’s unable to contain or control.

President Donald Trump ordered the assination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. It was likely a harebrained, self-interested, politically motivated effort to hedge his longer-shot-by-the day re-election prospects. Trump probably believes that the American electorate will, once again, rally behind an unpopular president waging a good old fashioned war on foreign soil. He’s wrong.

The state sanctioned murder, lauded by chest thumping Republicans as a testosterone driven counterpunch, is quickly devolving into a domestic, political debacle and a dangerous international crisis. For House and Senate Republicans it’s just another weak-willed effort to…

GenZ voters may determine the winner in the the 2020 election: A post holiday chat with a 19 year old and a review of Pew’s latest demographic research.

(Photos:, PS MAG/Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images & Maja Hitij/Getty Images; Illustration: Ian Hurley/Pacific Standard)

Bo Burnham is a “cusper”. At 29 years old he’s right on the generational cusp. He’s five years too old to be a GenZ’er and almost too young to be considered a real Millennial. He’s also a very popular comedian with the Generation Z crowd. Cuspers generally aren’t respected among the younger demographic but Burnham’s style of comedy fits nicely into a hopeful sense of angst, an intentionally laughable desperation that many GenZ’ers live with on a daily basis.

His musical comedy, an aggressive mixture of anger, disappointment, judgement and fear somehow works.

Most Millennials and GenXers would have to…

Gordon Sondland will testify before Congress on Wednesday. Will he opt for the role of impeachment anti-hero or acquiesce to a corrupt president’s will?

According to an Axios report on Monday about this week’s public impeachment hearings Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee will attempt “to create as much distance as possible between President Trump and the witnesses and make the case that Trump himself never specifically ordered a halt on aid to Ukraine with the intention of forcing a political investigation.”

GOP members of the committee hope that Tuesday’s testimony of Kurt Volker, a former special envoy to Ukraine and that of former NSC official Tim Morrison will exonerate President Trump of any wrongdoing.

They also intend to influence Wednesday’s testimony of the…

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Political Influencer on TikTok. Occassional freelance political writer.

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